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Sky Patterson attended the University of Southern California where he took the unconventional path of transferring from the hallowed film school to study Mandarin Chinese. Wary of not having a backup plan, he also added a Theatre degree.


While living on a martial arts scholarship in Beijing, China post-graduation, he appeared in his first feature films, the Kung Fu pictures “Tai Chi Zero” and “The Kung Fu Master.”


After retiring from martial arts competition, he applied to acting the same attention to detail which made him a noted white Kung Fu guy throughout Southern California. He has appeared in the features “The Amityville Murders” and “The Haunting of Nicole Brown Simpson” as well as episodes of “The Young and the Restless” for CBS and “Oishi: Demon Hunter” for the regrettably canceled Verizon go90 platform. When not acting he can be found hosting live events, teaching martial arts classes, and reading Joseph Campbell. Sky grew up in Portland, Oregon and resides in Los Angeles.

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